Sunday, 8 February 2015

In Dublin fair city, where the girls are so pretty...

Hi everyone!!! Let me tell you about my past trips to Dublin and Ireland.
I went to Dublin in 2010 for the first time. I went there with my mum and it was my first travel abroad. I didn't speek English very well but my mum's was terrible so I had to learn quickly xD.
I loved this town from the first moment; people are friendly and there's something magic in the air.

I would love to study in Dublin for my master degree...
Anyway, we stayed in the north side, in Lower Gardiner Street (in Talbot Street there's a wonderful bookshop where I bought 3kgs of books!!)
We ate expecially in fast foods because we wanted to save money for the attractions but sometimes we had a lovely time in some cafes.
Here there's the O'Connel bridge and some cupcakes.

There are many things to see; in my opinion the best are the Spire, Temple Bar (for a few beers), Grafton Street (for shopping), both St. Patrick and Christ Churches, Saint Stephen's Green (to relax a bit after a long walk) and Talbot Street.
Actually I know it's not possible to describe sensations and emotions...
So here you are some pictures!!!
In Henry Street there's a wonderful flower and veggies market and everywhere in Dublin there are musicians in the streets. Maybe that's the magic in the air xD

When I went there the following year I already knew the most known places and I looked for typical irish places.
We had a break at Queen of Tarts (believe me, it has delicious teas, cakes and any kind of muffin, scone and cupcake).
A walk on the river, the Liffey, will help you after a big breakfast...

I'm going back there on March, for Saint Patrick Day!!! I can't wait!!!